Monday, February 24, 2014

Mornings and Mondays

Princess Morag is not a fan of mornings.  Waking up is an actual painful process.  Her husband asked her this very morning, with concern, "what's wrong?".  She must have looked bad - he doesn't normally ask questions or show concern.  And there wasn't anything wrong, apart from the fact that it was morning and she had to wake up and get out of bed.

The princess once stayed with a friend.  And discovered that her friend had been raised with an elaborate breakfast ritual that involved setting the table and all sitting down together as a family.  It was of the oddest things Princess Morag has ever witnessed.

Having children has forced the princess, against her better instincts to attempt to function in the morning.  Moving to the new realm meant that this also had to happen an hour earlier than the old realm as apparently the day starts here at 8 a.m. not 9.  So the princess drags herself out of bed after the two alarms clock and two children have attempted to wake her, yells at the children to make sure they have gone to the toilet (why must she still be in charge of three bladders!!!) and stumbles into the kitchen.  Breakfasts are made, packed lunches too and with an eye on the clock she encourages them to put their clothes on for school.  Depending on how awake she is and how annoying the children are, there may be shouting.

Mondays get a bad reputation for being the worst day of the week but the princess disagrees.  You see she lives in a very small apartment and so at weekends it feels cluttered and noisy and full of people when all four of them are there.  After walking to school on a Monday - the house is blissfully quiet.  It is still cluttered and messy but finally there are conditions under which she can use her brain to formulate actual thoughts and not just automatic responses.  In her bleary eyed state, needing to put the coffee pot on, she is enjoying this start to the week.

Since she signed up to the challenge of 7 posts in 7 days - Princess Morag will bid you a happy Monday and catch up with you again tomorrow!

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