Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am from the land of green grass...

I am from the land of green grass, and rain and eating lots of potatoes,
From hanging the washing outside in hope, watching the clouds.

I am from the middle of the family, sandwiched between boys.
I am from the posh school, the local school and the oldest university.

I am from the children's hospital, scarred but made well,
I am from the hairdressers, long hair, now bobbed.

I am from the broken home, the truth made known,
and behind it confusion and lies?

I am from my new family, two children of my own, scarred again.
I am from a spark of new life, covered in darkness and crying out to God.

I am from the old realm, living in the new, wondering where is the green?
Scorching sun, blue skies and rarely a cloud, mountains that are rocky or covered in snow.

I am from a place of self-sufficiency searching for the one who can help.
I am from loneliness and feeling forever unknown.

I am from friends left behind, sisters in spirit and love.
I am from grief over relationships that have died and memories that hurt.

I am from that land of pomp and circumstance,
Of two flags of allegiance, and the poet well-known.

Where there are castles and cathedrals of ancient stone,
A long history of people with grudges they have borne.

Where religion matters but hearts are not considered
Where prejudice is passed on along with ignorance.

The land where alcohol is the answer and drugs the solution.
The land I wanted to leave behind and the one I miss terribly.

synchroblog from Shelovesmagazine.

Monday, September 16, 2013

birth story haiku

Inspired by Jennifer Fulwiler

Baby #1
planned caesarean
too much morphine, I’m woozy
then breastfeeding hell

Baby #2
baby 1 got sick
c-section on not much sleep
gorgeous baby girl