Thursday, May 31, 2012

staying clean

Princess Morag asked her children to play in the paddling pool, and not in the mud.  But apparently getting dirty is more fun after a while of splashing.  Princess Morag pondered how this same scenario plays out in our spiritual lives.  Good clean fun is fine for a while but it's not very exciting!  We get drawn to the mud and then it becomes very evident where we've been playing just as it was evident in the case of Princess Morag's children.  And they were perfectly pleased with themselves, they'd had fun; but Princess Morag was more grieved because she was the one that had to make them clean.  All the while she was thanking Jesus that it pleases him to make us clean after we've been pleasing ourselves in the mud of our lives.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

remembering to be happy

Sir Rianus enjoys photography, a fact that Princess Morag had to get used to when they first started dating.  She had never been photographed so much in her life and she felt very self conscious.  Fast forward ten years and Princess Morag was watching her children frolic in the sun on holiday and wishing that Sir Rianus hadn't already moved to the new realm because the only visual record of the glorious summer afternoon was in her minds eye, and not a digital copy.  The photographs of life in the old world have been a consolation to Princess Morag since moving and she notices that in almost all the photos she is smiling.  Sometimes Princess Morag has a hard time remembering the happy times, yet there are literally hundreds of photographic accounts of her looking pretty happy.  She suspects that her current attitude is colouring her memories somewhat.  Parenting is hard work, marriage is hard work, but it doesn't stop it being something to rejoice in.  Princess Morag is going to pretend that she is having her picture taken several times a day and maybe that will help her to remember to smile :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

seasons of my childhood

I don't like summer 
Summer is lonely 
No school, no friends 
Summer means being sent outside to play 
By myself 
Being woken early by the sun 

Autumn in my favourite 
Back to school 
New shoes, new jotters 
Fresh white pages ready to be filled 
Routine, friends 
Not stuck at home 

Winter means wrapping up warm 
Staying inside 

Snowdrops = my birthday
Downhill from there

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Opposites attract

Princess Morag has been amused this week at yet another demonstration of the difference between her and her husband. While she has been celebrating the fact that she now has people to say hello to as she bumps into them around town, (something that she sorely missed when she first moved to this new realm) Sir Rianus has actually started to find it trying that people know him!! Church, community theatre, MOPS, pre-school gates: these are places that Princess Morag counts as opportunity for social interaction. She is grateful that over the course of seven months they have borne friendship fruit.