Thursday, December 31, 2009

Musings at the end of a year

When asked "How are you?" in 2009, Princess Morag invariably replied "tired". She hopes that 2010 might not be characterised by fatigue in quite the same way! In a blur of full time mothering the months have passed without many moments to stop and reflect. The little maiden surprises those around her with her walking and talking as those skills seem so advanced compared to her small stature! Meanwhile the wee man has kept himself very busy with increasingly difficult jigsaw puzzles and Princess Morag wonders at being outsmarted by her 2 year old regularly!

The siblings communicate in a language of their own with shouts of "dadadada" and peals of laughter; they are also fond of running up and down the hallway and throwing things about. Princess Morag is relegated to the role of picker-upper until cuddles are required (thankfully this is often).

Princess Morag longs for a slightly more spacious dwelling than the current castle apartment. And an attached private outdoor space in which the small people could run around wouldn't go amiss either. A machine to wash crockery would be wonderful along with one to blow hot air until garments are dry, but whether these material ambitions are met or not, Princess Morag is hoping for more than a breath of time to herself in 2010. Small steps were taken in the last year to try to reclaim some individual identity including joining a local choir. Singing, she has found, has the capacity to preserve sanity and although a virus prevented her from singing in the Christmas concert, she enjoyed every moment of rehearsal and the exercise it required both physical and mental. Anyway, there could be no more worthwhile occupation than singing praises about the incarnation even without an audience.

Princess Morag has learned a lot about her limits in 2009, and prays that whatever testing circumstances come her way in 2010 may God give her all the grace she needs to get through.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emerging from winter

Princess Morag had guessed that the first six months of having 'two under two' would be the most challenging. Having survived them she hopes that she was right and that the path is a little easier from now on. The little maiden intially struggled to gain weight, but mummy's milk won in the end and has bestowed her with endearing chubbiness although she remains petite.

Master Ryan is a big fan of his wee sister and happily the feeling seems to be mutual. He has a smile for her even when he is feeling at his most poorly and nothing else will cheer him. Princess Morag is delighted that they are a blessing to one another and prays that their close bond will endure forever.

Winter should be a season for hibernation as far as Princess Morag is concerned, unfortunately her children didn't seem to realise this, but as the days grow longer the desire for sleep is not quite so strong. It would still be very welcome, but seeing the sun is some recompense.

Soon, the sun will be shining down on the family in California when the Princess, Sir Rianus, Master Ryan and the little maiden make a long journey to visit The Grandparents. Much time is currently being spent in positive anticipation of this vacation. Most of it revolves around pleasant weather, eating lots of food, seeing friends and family and shopping. When possible the Princess is practising how to relax in preparation for perhaps having a little time off courtesy of The Grandparents.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Reflections at New Year

Princess Morag bids you a Happy New Year and welcomes the fact that she is entering 2009 without a new life in her belly but a husband and two beautiful children in her home is quite enough.

Christmas has become more special since Princess Morag became a mother. It really is amazing that Jesus was born into a human family and was tiny and helpless, completely relying on mere mortals for his survival. And for Mary, what difficult circumstances (giving birth in a barn for goodness sake!) but what a privelege to be the mother of God!

So 2008 was a family focussed year, characterised by being woken virtually every night to see to baby or go to bathroom - the Princess hopes for better sleep in 2009 but doubts it will happen. Kayley Elizabeth entered the world on September 5th and is good at both crying and smiling, just like her mother. Princess Morag is very proud of herself as she persevered through much pain, tiredness and moments of despair to continue breastfeeding her new babe (who was much more inclined to do so than her brother) and the magic milk is working as the little maiden has started to get chubbier every day.

Becoming a mother of two has been a challenge although a more welcome one than being a working (and pregnant) mother of one. It is a constant juggling act that involves continual putting aside of her own needs and wants; but is proving to Princess Morag that parenting is a very refining process and that God is good and fills her day with small mercies that keep her sane.

Princess Morag is trying to think of a resolution to start the new year with but her brain does not seem able to conjure one up. So she resolves to regain the ability to think and will celebrate the fact that it is currently nap time by hopefully eating cake.