Friday, February 18, 2011

Empathy and Alcohol

On the occasion of her thirty-first birthday, Princess Morag concluded that an appropriate celebration might involve a small gathering of her friends with whom she has journeyed the last three years of motherhood.  So off to the pub they went and on her return Princess Morag was bearing a big smile on her face.  This does not happen frequently enough, especially in the last year when she has felt quite blue quite often.  One of her friends attributed this change in affective state to the benefit of empathy and alcohol.  Princess Morag thinks she is probably right.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The hardest job in the world

Princess Morag is starting to return to the land of the living after 3ish years of being a mummy of 2. Sleep deprivation is not as severe and her small charges can almost be trusted to be left alone to play. In fact master Ryan and maiden Kayley are excellent playmates for one another - something that Princess Morag daily thanks her Heavenly Father for! So while usefully engaged in domestic activity of daily living, Princess Morag got complacent for a minute after thinking - "wow I've been so productive today, this staying at home mummying is getting easy". Obviously a psychic challenge for her daughter to have an 'accident' on the playmat and then take the skin off her big toe and require TLC for 20 minutes.
But still, Princess Morag had dinner ready for her husband coming home (only been achieved a handful of times since master Ryan was born!) and left her workplace for refuge in wise counsel and choral singing, safe in the knowledge that her mother in law was probably right the other day when she said "you're doing the hardest job in the world".