Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are you looking for more?

Since 'leaving home' as a seventeen year old, Princess Morag has lived in seven different places.  Every time she moved somewhere new, she took with her hope and optimism, that this place would be "it".  Not necessarily it-will-be-home-forever, but that it would be a place she'd find friends and a sense of belonging.  That happened once and she still had a sense that it wasn't enough.  She still craved "more".  Moving to the other side of the world was definitely "more" in every way.  It is further, it is different, it is hard, it is strange, it is more beautiful, it is drier, it is sunnier.

What Princess Morag and Sir Rianus were looking for was: more space, more car, more money, more opportunity.  Those things have not yet been realised.  What Princess Morag has discovered along the way, during the more stress, more anxiety, more isolation, more pain and more loneliness is that she is learning to have more patience, more kindness, more perseverance, more grace, more mercy, more mystery, more time, more quiet, more solitude, more air, more exercise, more writing, more gratitude.

She is still living in hope for the things they moved for.  But she has gained much in the waiting.   There was more to be found than what she hoped or imagined!

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