Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lie? - #OneWordCoffee

"She doesn't have time for you.  She doesn't need you, she has daughters of her own."

I wanted to call, I desperately needed to hear truth and love.  And this was the whisper in my head.  I listened and then I thought about it and I concluded - that is a lie.  Is there any evidence of that in the way we have interacted in the last three years?  No.  No evidence whatsoever.  She has consistently shown me love and patience and kindness and has been unfailingly glad to hear from me every time I've called.  And so I called, and her greeting made me smile, shining a light through the darkness that had been gathering in me and leaving me glad that I didn't listen to the lie.

And then the Spirit worked some healing.  She asked what else she could do?  After offering me all the truth and love she had, she actually asked what more she could do.  So I asked her to pray, right there and then on the phone.  And the tears of grief and healing streamed down my face.  She cared, she cares.  She loves me and says so.  And I can say those three words right back to her without hesitation but still a little check in my heart that wonders how it is possible?  Except she is an answer to my prayer and God is faithful.

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