Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emerging from winter

Princess Morag had guessed that the first six months of having 'two under two' would be the most challenging. Having survived them she hopes that she was right and that the path is a little easier from now on. The little maiden intially struggled to gain weight, but mummy's milk won in the end and has bestowed her with endearing chubbiness although she remains petite.

Master Ryan is a big fan of his wee sister and happily the feeling seems to be mutual. He has a smile for her even when he is feeling at his most poorly and nothing else will cheer him. Princess Morag is delighted that they are a blessing to one another and prays that their close bond will endure forever.

Winter should be a season for hibernation as far as Princess Morag is concerned, unfortunately her children didn't seem to realise this, but as the days grow longer the desire for sleep is not quite so strong. It would still be very welcome, but seeing the sun is some recompense.

Soon, the sun will be shining down on the family in California when the Princess, Sir Rianus, Master Ryan and the little maiden make a long journey to visit The Grandparents. Much time is currently being spent in positive anticipation of this vacation. Most of it revolves around pleasant weather, eating lots of food, seeing friends and family and shopping. When possible the Princess is practising how to relax in preparation for perhaps having a little time off courtesy of The Grandparents.