Saturday, June 18, 2005

Princess Morag falls ill!

On Wednesday, Princess Morag was rushed to the doctor from work by the wonderful Anna, who waited with her until the end of the ordeal i.e. collecting the antibiotics from the pharmacy! On her return home, Sir Rianus greeted her with a concerned embrace and sought to make her more comfortable providing the sustenance of food and drink. Princess Morag spent the evening and the following day languishing on the sofa in front of the television which offered little entertainment, but some escapism. Returing to work the next day seemed like a good idea until feelings of wobbliness arose again, so it was back to the sofa for Princess Morag!

Unfortunately, the weather today is not aiding Princess Morag's recovery as it is terribly humid, however the frolics of the Linlithgow Gala Day gave her some cheer. Although frustrated at the limitations of body, Princess Morag is rediscovering her long enjoyed past-time of daydreaming that helps to while away the hours. When she fully recovers she shall report more of her antics.