Friday, October 02, 2015

Family - Five Minute Friday

Family - Five Minute Friday  

Princess Morag has always been fascinated by her daughter's focus on family.  Ever since the little maiden could talk, she would point to groups of things and label them as a family.  E v e r y t h i n g would get this treatment: food on a plate, pictures in a book, poop in her potty!!!

Six years later and the not-quite-so-little maiden has kept up this trait.  Her favourite thing to draw is the family she is a part of, with everyone wearing their favourite colour and the princess and little maiden with matching long brown hair and fantastic long eye lashes!

It seems, to the princess, that her daughter's preoccupation with family is a gift.  It helps her believe that the four members of their nuclear family can be united even when their personalities cause frequent conflict or self-isolation.   Through the little maiden's eyes, nothing trumps family and she sees it everywhere.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Calling - Five minute free writes

The princess heard someone call their calling something they "couldn't not do".  The double negative was apparently a key way to express it from their point of view.  She can relate to this in a way.  She didn't think she had 'the calling' to be a teacher before this year.  She didn't find the enormous workload and responsibility an attractive career prospect...and yet, here she finds herself happy accepted on an alternative route to teaching licensure course/track/program - thing.  But she hasn't applied to general teaching, she has applied for special education teaching which would seem an even more pressure filled prospect.  She even said in her application that

"Managing multiple ability levels and addressing issues of motivation and challenging behavior are the kinds of demanding tasks that I find stimulating."  
And it's true - they are!  Not one to live the boring life, Princess Morag recently pinpointed the cause of her general lethargy - not enough brain stimulation.  Studying for her Praxis - core for Educators exam has proven to be a good antidote for this condition.