Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wait - Five minute Friday


HA!  That's what I've been doing for a long time. I was about to say I'm in the middle of waiting, but then I paused and now I wonder, if we are in fact, close to the end of waiting and that is a cheering thought.  Sir Rianus is in the last few months of his 'term employment' that brought us to the new realm.  He was able to be renewed three times.  So this is our fourth year here.  We thought we were moving soon after we got here, we didn't expect to be here this long.  So, after we moved out of the house we had rented, we moved into our apartment thinking we wouldn't be in the small space for long.  Our children have grown significantly bigger in those 2.5 years as have the number of material possessions we have attempted to cram into our living space.  And all along, we were waiting.  Waiting for the next job, waiting to know whether we would stay in this small town in the desert wildnerness and you know what.....I'm STILL WAITING!!!  Patience is such a hard virtue to learn when you want to simultaneously feel peaceful!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beloved Brews: My one word for 2015

The Princess had a word for 2014 - it was greater.  She had hoped the greater things would be wonderful and visible changes in her life.  It didn't really turn out that way.  Not much has changed since the Princess returned from her visit to the old realm a year ago.  Circumstances are very similar with the exception that she now spends three hours of her morning in gainful employment instead of pretending that one day she will do the housework in her very small apartment.

But Princess Morag's God is greater.  She ended 2014 with the reflection that underneath the unchanging, messy, tiny apartment, ever being filled with more stuff - she has more peace.  She is calmer.  She shouts a bit less often.  She is more content.  She has more love and patience for people.  She has changed for the better.

Which leads her right into the word for 2015 - better.  God had greater plans than changing obvious outward circumstances last year.  The young maiden was suffering recently from wheezing, and the Princess was looking forward to when her wee girl was better.  And now she is.  Better is good.  Better makes you happy.  Better makes you grateful.  Better remembers how it used to be and is glad that something changed.

The Princess doesn't like change, and 2015 promises to hold some.  But if it is change for the better then it is worth it.

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