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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gathering with Mary&Martha

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Morag.  She sold stuff made for a company called Mary&Martha.  They like when people

together; maybe round a table with CANDLESTICKS on it.  The hostess might wear a beautiful

When the guests are
on the door.  The hostess might look at the

while setting out some NAPKINS on the COPPER TRAY.  She is not worried about the dishes later as she is using the pretty PAPER plates and cups.

The hostess opens the door where the guest has noticed her PRAYER on the door

 She offers them
 or some water from the
.  They reminisce about
 and talk about the JEWELRY they gave to their loved ones.

They would never forget about gifts for the

They knew that life was about more than pretty things and a pleasant time, but they were thankful for the chance to rest and enjoy company and planned to get together more often.  After all, Mary and Martha were friends of Jesus, and enjoyed his company.  It is nice to follow their example.

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