Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A prayer for the New Year

You would know we live here because we don't tidy up.
Crusts on plates, socks on the floor, crumbs and crayons,
Yet, you are welcome through the door.
More space than we had dared hope for but fewer dollars in the bank.  
We are grateful nevertheless and offer God our thanks.

Next year, in Your graciousness, I would ask for only one thing.
Peace in this family and in each person's heart. 
The ability to rest in You and that nothing keeps us apart.

Letting go of expectations is hard, but it's the only thing to do.
All I want in 2016 is more and more of You.
Whether I meet you in these I live with, or in the faces in a classroom, 
I want to get to know more people and shine the light of You.

I know now I can't be the fixer.  
The Holy Spirit is not me. 
But He can be IN me and change the only heart I can give: my own.

And one last thing I ask, 
That You would help me to be,
someone who not only gives, but receives.
After the snow melts, let there be springs of living water.

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