Sunday, August 02, 2015

Book Review: Wild in the Hollow

RE:  Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire & Finding the Broken Way Home. 

Dear Amber C. Haines,

I was glad to get to read your beautiful book.  I had to refrain from underlining my favourite quotes because I got the hard copy, and I can't bring myself to mark 'real' books, but I would have gone to town on my kindle with the highlighting!

Your boldness in speaking your truth frightened me, because it calls to my spirit that I have the freedom to do the same.  I get scared when my passion rises and my love becomes fierce, even violent.  I sense that I have more power available to me than I ever thought.  That it is a feminine power that I am nowhere close to understanding but I now know is actually feared by those who mock it; giving it new credibility in my own eyes.

Each chapter was like diving into a deep pool, where I would swim as fast as I could before coming up for breath.

You took pain and suffering and wove the words of them into something of beauty.  What more can we ask, that our struggle is worthy of being made good; there is only One who can make it so.

Thank you Revell Books for the free copy for review.

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