Monday, September 29, 2014

What I learned in September...

  1. I relearned that I am human, NOT superhuman (seriously important lesson!)
  2. My favourite tv programs starting back makes me really happy :D
  3. Behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory is AWESOME!! (who's jealous?!)
  4. Co-workers think I'm funny :)
  5. Hand clapping games with my son helps him make eye-contact and seem to fill us both with the same large amount of joy.
  6. Forcing my kids (and me) to go play outside is worth it.
  7. I am definitely a warm/cool-weather type person vs hot/sunny weather - I LOVE AUTUMN.
  8. Seeing the glow of the pink sunrise on the mountains helps me not hate getting up early quite so much.
  9. I remain marvelous at procrastination.
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  1. Oh what a great list! #6 and #8 - very much the best :)

  2. I relearn #1 all the time!

  3. ooh, I totally could give you a run for your money on #9. ;-)