Monday, August 19, 2013

It's like potatoes

Princess Morag has entirely changed her view on rain.  The old realm was a rainy, grey place, and she agreed with the general consensus that more sunny days and blue skies would be nice.  But since living in the new realm where sunny days and blue skies are the norm, she now holds the view that rain is awesome!  Rain, in fact, indicates God's blessing.  And when you live without it, you start to feel a little desperate.  There have been days where the princess has woken up to grey clouds and gone about her day very happy as a result.  And the next day, when inevitably the blue sky is back, she actually feels disappointed!  And on the handful of occasions that it has rained, she might have rushed outside in excitement, called her children out, and danced with them in the rain!

The earth needs rain, and when there isn't any, man manufactures a replacement a.k.a 'sprinklers'.  So then you can grow plants and have green grass, but the areas that the sprinklers don't reach remain brown and dead looking.  Anything that is manufactured to mimic God's blessing doesn't quite make the mark.  It might satisfy for a while, or give the appearance of something that is good.  But it's not good like the real thing.
When the princess sees photographs or film of the old realm, she gushes about how green it is, in much the same way as she used to mock people of the new realm doing.  But now she understands, now that she lives in the desert.  The old realm has the real rain and you can tell by the lush green grass and trees, and dark brown earth and grey skies.  The whole palette of the natural world there is different. And the princess misses it.

When she was growing up, Princess Morag ate a lot of potatoes.  They were standard dinnertime fare, almost every night.  When she left home to go to university she chose not to eat potatoes very often as she was sick of them.  Pasta and rice, these were much better she thought.  Until a decade later when she pregnant with her second child and suddenly potatoes were awesome again - she had been missing out, all these years of not bothering with potatoes very much because they had been under the curse of the familiar.  Don't discount those things that are commonplace.  Be grateful for them.  If you didn't have them, you might miss them very much.  You might be avoiding a blessing when you scoff instead of embracing the everyday goodness.

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  1. Whereas, after days of lovely weather, I am disappointed when the rain comes back again. I don't think I was meant for this green and pleasant land!