Friday, August 02, 2013

Give me a proper cup please!

One of Princess Morag's pet peeves is having to drink coffee from a disposable cup!  Even a travel mug turns out not to be a great substitute as it tends to be very plasticky.  Really the only thing coffee should be drunk from is a proper cup, made of china.  In the old realm, this is how coffee was generally served unless you specified that is was 'to go'.  Here in the new realm, this is not the case.  In some well known coffee establishments there are no proper cups in sight - aah!  

So Princess Morag tends just to make coffee at home, and now that she is selling direct trade, freshly ground, delivered to your door coffee, maybe recreating the coffee shop experience at home might just be the way to go.  Unfortunately it means she has to wash her own cup afterwards, but at least she will be treated like a grown up and allowed a proper cup!!!!

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