Friday, July 27, 2012

What is saving Princess Morag right now?

The morning chorus of her wee ones imaginative play even though it is an earlier hour than Princess Morag ever wants to see/hear.  The sun on her back as she weeds the flower bed - who knew that she might actually enjoy gardening?  The fact that it has rained this week, and there are sometimes clouds in the sky.  Access to the hope of heaven.  News from friends, any news will do, just so she knows they remember her.  The swamp cooler.  Memories of the baby days, without the exhaustion that accompanied them.  Singing and laughing with her children, basking in their love.  Children's spontaneous prayers, revealing their heart.  Praying scripture, knowing it's not possible to do it wrong.  Marvelling at the birds outside and knowing that God thinks us more worthy than our free flying feathered friends.  Walking the neighbourhood, feeling the presence of the mountains hemming her in.

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