Thursday, December 31, 2009

Musings at the end of a year

When asked "How are you?" in 2009, Princess Morag invariably replied "tired". She hopes that 2010 might not be characterised by fatigue in quite the same way! In a blur of full time mothering the months have passed without many moments to stop and reflect. The little maiden surprises those around her with her walking and talking as those skills seem so advanced compared to her small stature! Meanwhile the wee man has kept himself very busy with increasingly difficult jigsaw puzzles and Princess Morag wonders at being outsmarted by her 2 year old regularly!

The siblings communicate in a language of their own with shouts of "dadadada" and peals of laughter; they are also fond of running up and down the hallway and throwing things about. Princess Morag is relegated to the role of picker-upper until cuddles are required (thankfully this is often).

Princess Morag longs for a slightly more spacious dwelling than the current castle apartment. And an attached private outdoor space in which the small people could run around wouldn't go amiss either. A machine to wash crockery would be wonderful along with one to blow hot air until garments are dry, but whether these material ambitions are met or not, Princess Morag is hoping for more than a breath of time to herself in 2010. Small steps were taken in the last year to try to reclaim some individual identity including joining a local choir. Singing, she has found, has the capacity to preserve sanity and although a virus prevented her from singing in the Christmas concert, she enjoyed every moment of rehearsal and the exercise it required both physical and mental. Anyway, there could be no more worthwhile occupation than singing praises about the incarnation even without an audience.

Princess Morag has learned a lot about her limits in 2009, and prays that whatever testing circumstances come her way in 2010 may God give her all the grace she needs to get through.

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  1. It will get better! I know that we have comes such a long way in the past year and SURELY 2010 will be better and filled with sanity-inducing moments and even a few moments of peace. -Nancy xxx