Friday, January 02, 2009

Reflections at New Year

Princess Morag bids you a Happy New Year and welcomes the fact that she is entering 2009 without a new life in her belly but a husband and two beautiful children in her home is quite enough.

Christmas has become more special since Princess Morag became a mother. It really is amazing that Jesus was born into a human family and was tiny and helpless, completely relying on mere mortals for his survival. And for Mary, what difficult circumstances (giving birth in a barn for goodness sake!) but what a privelege to be the mother of God!

So 2008 was a family focussed year, characterised by being woken virtually every night to see to baby or go to bathroom - the Princess hopes for better sleep in 2009 but doubts it will happen. Kayley Elizabeth entered the world on September 5th and is good at both crying and smiling, just like her mother. Princess Morag is very proud of herself as she persevered through much pain, tiredness and moments of despair to continue breastfeeding her new babe (who was much more inclined to do so than her brother) and the magic milk is working as the little maiden has started to get chubbier every day.

Becoming a mother of two has been a challenge although a more welcome one than being a working (and pregnant) mother of one. It is a constant juggling act that involves continual putting aside of her own needs and wants; but is proving to Princess Morag that parenting is a very refining process and that God is good and fills her day with small mercies that keep her sane.

Princess Morag is trying to think of a resolution to start the new year with but her brain does not seem able to conjure one up. So she resolves to regain the ability to think and will celebrate the fact that it is currently nap time by hopefully eating cake.


  1. I'm sure that 2009 will be a better year for you. I'm looking forward to a more exciting summer, which will hopefully involve playing outside and going swimming, rather than sitting on the sofa 24/7 feeding a newborn.

    Nancy x

  2. Love the blog. You sound so happy and I would love to see your new little princess! Enjoy your day cleaning the castle and changing the aristocracy.