Sunday, August 14, 2005

Addressing the stress

Princess Morag has found her reign in this region somewhat stressful. After longing for the elevated title of 'Occupational Therapist' and wifely status, both work and home have required a period of adjustment. Having to devote 37 1/2 hours per week to the care and encouragement of fragile, troubled and lethargic souls does drain one. Previously full-time occupation was only ever of a temporary nature before taking sanctuary once again in the protected world of academia. Likewise, time spent with Sir Rianus tended to be taken within the context of vacation, and in the sunnier climes of California! Although a blessing to be married and not desiring to be parted, tension does seem to appear when sharing space, especially in how to keep that space from being taken over by piles of clutter!
Not only does work and the inevitable compromises of marriages affect Princess Morag but she seems to have a knack of allowing the everyday hassles to accumulate adding to the strain of appearing to cope. Perhaps it is not surprising that cracks would appear in the act of appearing 'normal'. Unfortunately when the cracks appeared, they were soon followed by gushes of water, a flood was avoided but there were definite puddles!
Sir Rianus managed to contain the occasional leaks with hugs and jokes but when yet another dam threatened to burst its banks he wisely advised to patch it up using the power of prayer! What good advice thought Princess Morag, who had previously thought of this solution but somehow never managed to put it into practice. However at this moment she knew exactly what to do. You see, she had voiced some of her worried to Sir Rianus in a long spiel of complaint but they still floated about and returned to annoy her, the way to get rid of them was to pin them to paper.

So out came the childrens drawing paper (it's large and therefore more able to catch God's attention) and the crayons (when you know you are a child of God, you might aswell act like one!) and onto the paper went the artistic representations of all that Princess Morag had allowed to overwhelm her. Sir Rianus helpfully contributed to the prayerwork but it was an offering that Princess Morag gave to Jesus with sorrow for not sharing with him her woes sooner.
So this entry goes out with a warning and encouragement. Don't let your worries build into a stress mess, the inevitable outburst is embarrassing and painful. Do share your concerns with the Lord Jesus, he is our Friend and promises to give us peace. Not a new lesson but it seems one that I require to learn again and again.

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