Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Mystery of the Missing Kettle Tipper

One day Morag was taking a patient back to his house for a visit. There was a piece of equipment the man needed that would help making cups of tea easier. It is called a kettle tipper (because it tips the kettle), kettles can be very heavy to lift you know. The kettle tipper was supposed to be ready and waiting for the visit to the man's house, but it mysteriously disappeared.....
Thankfully the mysteriously disappearing kettle tipper was not the only one in the world and another kettle tipper was obtained in time (hooray!) At the man's house Morag had to utilise her problem solving skills in order to marry the kettle to its tipping apparatus - easier said than done and the instructions were awfully useful, as was the man who got to grips with the whole concept much faster than Morag! After cups of tea and coffee and a chat, Morag and the man returned to the hospital leaving the kettle tipper that had not mysteriously disappeared to fulfil its destiny.

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