Monday, November 16, 2015


You know those weeks where each day is like walking through sand, it is hard to get up, and then when you are oh-so-glad to get to bed sleep eludes you.  The princess was having one of those weeks last week.  Hope seemed like a tiny speck in the distance that she was desperately trying to focus on, but the heavy fog was immediately apparent.  The usual routine was interrupted by a middle of the week holiday making everything more confused.  She made it to Thursday and was slogging through what needed to be done, feeling unappreciated in every way when a bright moment of literal cheer broke through the darkness.  On the way to karate for the wee man, with the little maiden in tow along with her homework, the back of the car was suddenly filled with beautiful voices in unison chanting "Mummy is the best, Mummy is the best"!!  The grin that broke out on Princess Morag's face could not have been any wider, and her heart swelled with the love that was being sown.  She received it from her children and knew that it's source was higher and bigger than that.  Thankful for the grace just when she needed it, she was re-energized and her soul sustained.

Then, on Sunday after the church and supermarket marathon, the princess noticed that Sir Rianus looked a little beleaguered so she called on the cheer squad to work their magic again - waiting at the stop light with "Daddy is the best" ringing in his ears, Sir Rianus' face was transformed from careworn, to delight.  Life is much better when you have people cheering behind you!

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