Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I learned in September

  • When the season changes it makes me homesick, really, really homesick.

  • Related - flights home are even more ridiculously expensive than they used to be :(

  • Since using my brain to study, I have been happier.  Ditto when reading more.

  • I could download a copy of my new health insurance card from their website instead of waiting for it in the mail.

  • Trimming my daughter's hair was easy peasy.

  • When you lack confidence in making a decision, you end up having to enter an internet order three times.

  • I was reminded that library sales are the best (and Andre Agassi's autobiography is really rather good).

  • McCafe (Premium roast - medium) coffee is my favourite brand to drink at home.

  • It's actually possible for us to do low key family activities at the weekend. e.g. go to library, watch airshow from park.

  • Involving two other households in your search for your degree certificate means it will, of course, turn up at your own house but you are grateful you found it and that others love you enough to look!

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