Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fear - Five minute Friday

I felt it again.  The fear that could take a swift journey to panic.  When I named it, the fear leaked out my eyes.  I don't want to die.  I don't like uncertainty.  I could talk the truth to myself about odds and reality but the fear doesn't really listen.  It tries to hold me hostage.  Because the fear is in the past too, when I could have died, but my life was saved.  When I could have been paralysed but instead just gave birth via c-section pain free and no complications.  The fear jumps to the worst case scenario.  The fear wants me to believe that all is darkness and there is no light.  I was glad not to be alone, and the sleep came and then morning arrived with the thing that I had been anxious about that turned out to be good.  The fear is always trying to cheat me out of the good, the better, the best.  The fear wants to hold me back in case the bad thing happens.  But doing the thing anyway proves it wrong most of the time.


  1. Howdy! I'm your neighbor at Five-Minute Friday. I love how you have personified fear. I can totally relate. I often jump to the worst-case scenario too. Thanks for your reminder to focus on the light rather than the lie of the dark.
    Blessings, Elizabeth
    @Blessed Beyond the Mess

  2. Oh my goodness. I could have totally written this myself. Fear is such a difficult thing to manage sometimes (it's sneaky and mean that way!), but we who believe have graces in abundance to help us be brave. Stopping by from FMF to say hello and thanks for your comments on my blog! Peace be with you!!

  3. Fear creeps at the corners of my heart, wanting to scream at me with all the what-if scenarios. But I'm reminded tonight that perfect love casts out fear. And you're right: stepping out in faith often proves that our worst-case scenario was just that: fear. But God is greater!