Thursday, November 21, 2013


Thanksgiving still feels like a new holiday to the Princess.  In the old realm, Sir Rianus would cook up a turkey dinner and it was fun - but as there was no collective celebration in the culture, it didn't seem like a particularly special occasion.  In the new realm, this is not the case.  'Holidays' seem to be a big deal and must be followed.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to create a tradition within the new realm when splitting time between two splintered halves of a family across the years.  Coming so late in the year, the Princess finds it difficult to identify Thanksgiving as a harvest meal.   The pilgrims arriving in a new country - yeah she understands that part! And the giving thanks - that is becoming an essential habit of her daily life.  She is happy to join together with others to praise God for his goodness.

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  1. *laugh* I, too, wonder why one "must be thankful this time of year" when it is something that is part of daily life. And the harvest part is important, but not central. I'll just enjoy other's enjoyment, I guess. That part is fun.