Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good vs real

The Princess read this article today and it got her thinking.  She has spent most of her life trying to be "good" - to please people, to make sure she is liked.  When she was at school, this was somewhat successful.  Her teachers consistently praised her work and seemed to like her.  But this kind of success backfires as it meant that her peers were not so keen on the 'teacher's pet'.  But here is a shout out to all the teachers out there during report-writing season - Princess Morag's almost sole source of self-esteem came from her school reports.  Thirteen years of reading "mature and conscientious" helped her to believe that maybe she did have those characteristics.  However, underneath that mature and conscientious nature Princess Morag really wanted to have fun (but didn't know how).  She was "good" but she wasn't real.  All this time she has been hiding, even from herself.

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