Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Princess Morag was blowing bubbles this afternoon with the young maiden's new birthday present - a Minnie Mouse tea set where the cups and spoons have little holes you blow through to make the bubbles and the 'tea' is bubble mixture.  The feature where you pour the bubble mixture into the saucer and then use the teacup to blow bubbles has the added advantage of it being less likely to get all over your hands.  Princess Morag has an issue with bubble mixture and it making her gag slightly (yes she knows it is just soap) this is a nice feature in her opinion.  Plus the teacups have a bigger hole and therefore make larger bubbles.

As she watched some of the bubbles float away she could see how they were all different, and had different rainbow hues.  And as she watched some of them pop instantly and some drift away for a while before popping she thought of how they really were like dreams.  Princess Morag considers herself a bit of a dreamer and sometimes it is just a momentary thought, a what if...?  And sometimes it is a treasured idea of something she would like in her life, or something about herself....

Unfortunately Princess Morag has painfully learned that she has people close to her in life who are bubble bursters and seem to delight in making her dreams go 'pop'.  This makes her conscious to respond kindly when her children talking fancifully about things, because sometimes we say our dreams out loud just to enjoy their rainbow colours for a moment, not necessarily believing that the bubble is something solid that we can keep.

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