Thursday, November 03, 2011

Princess What's your name?

Princess Morag has reached the new world and is settling in nicely with lots of space for the little master and maiden to play away the sunny days. Meeting people and making friends is being hindered slightly by the decision made 31 years ago by her parents to give her the lovely Scottish name that she bears. "What's your name?" is asked followed by some strange attempt at repeating the very simple two syllables that Princess Morag just uttered. It is all to do with emphasis and accent and apparently it is more difficult than Princess Morag realised. She has considered using a different name but the problem with that is that she has always been pretty happy with the one that she was given and can't really bear the thought of answering to a different label. So perseverance is the answer, plus she has worked out her preferred pronunciation: "More-rag" - the coaching of the locals can now commence!

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