Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing a moment in history

Princess Morag recently watched the royal matrimonial festivities with her daughter.  The young maiden Kayley was captivated by the combination of princess and wedding - what more could a little girl ask for?  It was a moment in history and a potential topic of female conversation for years to come!  A day that every princess (whether the title is accurately bestowed or simply claimed as their own) looks forward to, that of being a bride.  Sir Rianus and Princess Morag had only the week before celebrated that six years had passed since their own nuptials so William and Catherine's wedding naturally harked back to their own, especially since both couples met in the same ancient town.

Young master Ryan showed only a passing interest in the events unfolding on the television screen.  His attention was mostly directed towards the computer screen where the activities of Thomas the tank engine and his friends on the island of Sodor were centre stage.  Gender stereotypes are alive and well in the house of Renfroana (and on television advertisements for toys!)  From her own observations and from the research of noteworthy psychologists, Princess Morag is sure there is credence to the idea that these differences in male and females are a result of nature.  But she does not underestimate the importance of a nurturing environment in developing healthy patterns of behaviour and relationship for each of her children and continues to strive to help them in their growing years towards the lofty goal the Bishop of London spoke of in his sermon at the Royal Wedding: to find "their deepest and truest selves".  Come Holy Spirit to help all families live lives full of love, joy and peace.

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